There are six different RED plan options, depending on the needs of different customers. RED Advantage, RED Premium, RED Premium+ and RED Classic+ all offer a set number of monthly minutes, 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB of data and unlimited SMS (like all RED plans), while RED VIP offers unlimited voice calls and 5 GB of data, and RED VIP+ offers customers 150 minutes of voice calls and 10 GB of data. Learn more about the different options available to you as a Vodacom customer – from prepaid to uChoose to smart and RED contracts. These General Terms and Conditions do not replace any other general terms and conditions, agreements or contracts existing between the Customer and Vodacom. The following terms and conditions refer to the Vodacom Instant Top service and do not replace any other terms, agreements or contracts that exist between Vodacom Refill Up customers and their service providers. Your subscription to the Service constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. For more information about all the Vodacom plans and contracts offered, visit Vodacom Online today » Benefits: Smart Plan customers have access to many benefits, such as. B a data sharing SIM card service for only R29 per month, which gives you up to four data SIM cards linked to your main contract, allowing you to use your data on up to four different devices. Smart plans aim to provide customers with the best network, unparalleled customer experience, and value for money, and you`ll never lose your internet connection or run out of data. The uChoose Smart/Smart Top Up+ and RED Top Up+ pricing plans, signed on a contractual basis of 24 months, have a duration of 24 months from the date of activation. An upgrade or renewal is allowed during 22 months of the period. Early termination of the 24-month contract will result in fines calculated based on the remaining duration of the contract and/or the cost of financing the equipment.

At the end of the 24-month contractual period, if the customer does not renew or terminate the contract, the contract will continue from month to month until one of the above actions occurs. AKA: Vodacom`s leading range of contracts, especially for businessmen and those who need to stay connected on the go. The Voice plan, included in the uChoose Smart/Smart Top Up+ and RED Top Up+ pricing plans, can be used at any time of the day for calls to any local network within the borders of South Africa. The following SMS/s categories are excluded from the assignment of SMS packets Each edge denomination (without cents) is available for filling in the minimum and maximum allowed values. All information relating to the Service and published on promotional material forms part of these Terms and Conditions. Vodacom reserves the right to charge For VoIP data calls to certain tariff plans at the applicable rates. You must be a new or existing Vodacom Top Up or uChoose customer. . The following categories are excluded from all uChoose Smart/Smart Top Up+ and RED Top Up+ language packs and are charged at the applicable rate: The service allows you to fund your subscriber`s account without purchasing a top-up voucher. This can be done at any time, regardless of the remaining transmission time credit.

Vodacom to Telkom Fixeline, Neotel Fixeline and all VANs numbers (VANS 087 numbers, geographic and non-geographic numbers, Vodacom Business) Promotions, promotions and packages: In any uChoose plan you can enjoy Vodacom Power Hour as well as the My 5 Special, which allows you to link your 5 best friends or relatives who are also on Vodacom. and then you can talk to them for as little as R6 per hour. Or you can talk to them for an hour AND use the internet from R8! How it works: You buy airtime and data to use on your phone, and once you`ve sold out everything you`ve bought, you won`t be able to go online, send messages, or make calls until you`ve recharged. Promotions, Packages and Promotions: RED customers have access to RED rewards, exclusive benefits and discounts offered by retailers, travel agencies and service providers. In addition, they have 24/7 access to their own team of service agents, can skip the line in Vodacom stores and get many other special benefits as Vodacom VIP customers. . If you`ve been in arrears in the last three months, you may not have activated the service. There will be no chargebacks of any kind if a successful transaction has taken place (existing business rules for loading without a PIN code apply). You will only be charged the amount you have recharged. This amount is an additional expense for you and will not come from your monthly subscription. What`s included: A prepaid SIM card (the device is not included: you must already have a phone to use prepaid, or buy one via Vodacom online or in-store). The requested top-up amount will be deducted from the allocated amount and the service provider will charge you this amount at the end of the month.

You cannot transfer your amount for certificate assignment, that is, if you are provisioned for R50.00 per month, but only use R30.00, you cannot transfer R20.00 (start of a new month with R70.00 facility). Vodacom will do its best to ensure the uninterrupted provision of the Service and we will take all reasonable steps at our expense to correct any errors, omissions or errors in the Service, but in no event will you be liable for any errors, delays, failures or unavailability of the Service, and you will indemnify us for any damage or loss you may suffer as a result of the foregoing. Included: A Vodacom SIM card and, depending on your budget, a smartphone (cheaper uChoose plans do not include a smartphone) For more information on the uChoose options available to you, check out Vodacom Online. The service increases your air time transfer meter, which is allowed in accordance with your existing airtime transfer business rules. For more affordable plans and prepaid plans, visit Vodacom Online. SMS during peak period – R0.37 SMS outside peak hours – R0.37 MMS by 300KB – R0.80 International SMS – R1.74 Specials, promotions and packages: Vodacom offers a number of promotions and promotions available only to prepaid customers, such as Vodacom Power Hour, where you only pay R7 for 60 minutes of talk time to use at any time between 6am and midnight. If you enable the instant top-up feature, you will not be charged a connection fee. Any questions regarding the Service may be directed to your Service Provider. Included: high-end smartphones, large allocations of minutes and voice data as well as unlimited SMS as well as first-class service and VIP treatment. Once deployed, you can use the service via USSD and request a top-up amount. Z.B.

*136*04*50# or *100*04*50# (50 indicates the limit value selected by the customer). Inexpensive prepaid plans include daily free calls – pay for the first three minutes of your call with any other Vodacom customer, and you get 57 minutes for that FREE call. Every day of the week, at any time, when you call a Vodacom number from your Vodacom prepaid SIM card, you get 60 minutes of talk time and only pay three minutes! The instant reload feature is available for all In-Purse transactions, i.e. . . .